Terms and conditions

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2. The website holds the right to change, limit, or abandon the usage of the survey at any and all time.

3. By voting on the survey the user accepts to share the following information:

The information regarding the Facebook profile of the user is being transferred via the secure official Facebook API.

4. All users can freely share the data from the survey (e.g. who they voted for) if they want to.

5. Oraclum guarantees that no third party will have access to any of the gathered data.

6. Upon publishing the results of the survey Oraclum will not favour any media group, company, or third party.

7. Orcalum holds the right to publish the anonymous statistics and data in science journals and present the aggregate data on scientific conferences.

8. All statistics and information on our website are only informative and Oraclum holds no responsibility for any consequences from misinterpretation.

9. Oraclum is strictly non-partisan and holds no prior ideological position on any issue.

10. The results of the survey need not correspond to the actual voter preferences, so they should be interpreted with caution.